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Fruitisimo is a fresh healthy beverage chain

A healthy lifestyle brand obsessed with providing freshly made, plant-based fruit and vegetable beverages, inspiring people to live healthier.


We are a European leader in the healthy beverage market with over 100+ stores in 6 countries.


The Fruitisimo brand is easy to adapt to new markets and flexible formats enable Fruitisimo to operate in different locations.


Live what you love!

“ It’s not about better or more powerful juice blenders. it’s all about people. we love what we do, and you can feel it every time. ” 

Customer experience together with positive emotions make our customers come back.


Why is Fruitisimo different?

Each drink is freshly made upon your order, right in front of you. 

The unique customer experience is what sets us apart.

We care deeply about the environment and sustainability of our products and supply chain.

The story of Fruitisimo started during a work & travel program in USA, while studying at university. 

The level of service and teamwork I experienced inspired me to start Fruitisimo.

21 short years later, we are serving customers in 100+ stores in 6 countries and we are thirsty for more!

Jan Hummel, 

CEO & Founder Fruitisimo


„Fruitisimo – fresh healthy beverage chain – is expanding into new locations such as petrol stations, hospitals and schools.“

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